Isola BIo

A home with an organic soul

For 20 years at Isola Bio, we have strived to help you choose a conscious plant-based diet.


Since the beginning, we have believed in organic living: following the seasons and rhythms of nature, we grow the best grains directly on our lands and carefully select them for you through our family of farmers.


We passionately produce wholesome plant-based beverages that you know and love, with your wellbeing in mind and a commitment to the planet’s health.


And our family of products is growing day by day: not only drinks but an array of products for your all-around organic nutrition! Every day, we wake up and come alive following the rhythms of production in our factory. We monitor all phases of production and guarantee high eco-sustainable standards.

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Plant-Based Drinks

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Fruit Juices

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Cooking Creams

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Nutri biscuits +

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Plant-based yogurt alternatives

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Our brands

How to recycle our products?


plant-based drinks: HDPE2 PLASTIC LID/ C/PAP84 PAPER-CONTAINER; Breakfast cereals: BAGFUL LDPE-04/PLASTIC; Fruit Juices: PAP21 PAPER CLUSTER – C/PAP84 PAPER-CONTAINER – PP05 PLASTIC STRAW; Cooking Creams: PP05 PLASTIC TOP – C/PAP84 PAPER-CONTAINER; Biscuits: PAPER PAP 21 / PLASTIC PACKAGING PP05; Yoghurt: ALU-Lid/Aluminium PP05-Cup/Plastic; *Recycling; *Except for different indications


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